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Biometric Safes just take a fingerprint to open or close. Great idea that is coming of age in security. However, I find it important to point out that as far as adding an extra level of security, it really doesn't do that. Dials and keypads are just as competent in the area of security. So why buy a safe with a fingerprint reader? So you know that only a person enrolled on the keypad can open it. However, it will not tell you which fingerprint opened it. Please read " Electronic vs Dial " article for more insight or call us in regard to having a keypad with an "audit lock" put on your safe.

Biometric Technology or Fingerprint Safes Are The Newest in Security.
1. The future is here. Fingerprint technology has been around for some time and now its really affordable for the home security market, and we are excited to offer you the innovative Access Control biometric fingerprint reader. Years ago, metal keys and locks granted access to restricted areas. With the progress of technology we have also included ID cards and PIN numbers. Enter today the age access control.

What is a Biometric Fingerprint Reader?
A fingerprint reader, also known as a Biometric scanner, recognizes people based on our physical traits. For example, a biometric reader not only reads fingerprints but some units can read eye retinas or irises, facial patterns, and hand measurements. (the type you see on our site are just fingerprint)

What makes Biometric Reader Work?
A fingerprint reader can be used as a stand-alone or a networked operation, perfect for home or office. Though the models we have available are stand alone. An authorized person has their physical characteristic scanned and turned into a numerical algorithm which is then entered into a database. The authorized person must subsequently provide that same physical characteristic- for example, their fingerprint, to be read and recognized by the "reader" before access is granted.

Why Use a Biometric Fingerprint Reader?
A biometric reader is a more reliable security device than your average lock or keypad. Only the person authorized access can successfully pass a biometric reader. A key, card, or number sequence can be passed around or easily stolen. A biometric reader requires that the authorized person be physically present for access to be granted. Thieves and other criminals would have a difficult time getting past a biometric reader.

Some great reasons to use a biometric fingerprint reader include. It is affordable and user friendly, recognizing identity and granting access in around one second. Most models allow from 1 fingerprint to 30 fingerprints to be enrolled. A biometric reader drives costs down while raising the level of security.

That being said there are also some not so great reasons to have a fingerprint reader. First, if you need to grant access to the safe for someone that is not enrolled it is impossible. For example, lets say you are out of town and need information out of the safe. You could give your combination to someone over the phone if it were a standard safe. Then when you got home you could change the combo and lock them out again. This cannot be done with a biometric fingerprint safe. Your fingerprint must be present to enroll new fingerprints. Second, most of the inexpensive models will not give you an "audit trail" that tells you who has been in your safe and at what time. (See Audit locks for that feature). Third, I have found that some people are just not good candidates for fingerprint readers and the reader has a difficult time reading the print so they end up presenting their finger several times before the safe opens. Lastly, lets presume your dead. You can leave your combination on your will at your attorneys office. Then access is easily granted from the reading of you will. Not so with a fingerprint safe everyone is still locked out and a locksmith must be brought in to gain access.

  • 30 minutes fire protection (fire liner)
  • 2-1/2” thick solid steel-plate door
  • Active round locking-bolts 3/4" Dia. Thick
  • Battery operated- 4"AA batteries (included)
  • Velvet lined interior
  • No wake-up code needed (one button wake-up)
  • Up to 30 fingerprint users
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes (bottom)
  • Mechanical key override
  • External power override
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Our Price: $189.00

One removable shelf, bolt down hardware included, fingerprint/biometric entry, code entry, override keys included, 20 fingerprint can be programmed. more info
Our Price: $460.00

Fingerprint burglary safe for home or office use, an excellent choice for the next generation in biometric (fingerprint) security access! more info
Protex HZ-53 Biometric Safe
Protex HZ-53 Biometric Safe
Our Price: $630.00

Fingerprint burglary safe for home or office use, an excellent choice for the next generation in biometric security! more info