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If you’re in the market for a safe that’s going to withstand unauthorized access and hold up in a fire, you should take a look at Value Safe’s selection of Hollon 2-hour fire rated home safes. All of these models are rated TL-15 for protection, which is internationally recognized as top-of-the-line and consists of 9,000PSI concrete embodied with corundum aggregate, and is encased in a double layer of high-tensile steel. With durable composite construction, featuring a 5” thick door and a 2” thick body, these protective fortresses will keep “sticky fingers” off of your weapons, jewelry, cash, medications, or documents. Dual re-locks and a drill resistive hard plate add additional tamper resistance to safes that already offer 1.25” locking bolts. With the ability to withstand the intense temperatures of a house fire for up to 2 hours, you’ll feel assured your irreplaceable belongings inside won’t be ruined during the worst case scenario. Adjustable shelves offer customization and mounting holes make installing these safes a breeze. Contact us for help selecting or ordering one of our Hollon 2-hour fire safes.

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Burglary Safe PM-1014 PM-1814 PM-2819
List Price: $1,250.00
Our Price: $1,643.00
Our Price: $2,236.00
List Price: $2,475.00
Our Price: $2,881.00
The Hollon PM-1014 is a UL listed TL-15 rated safe that has been factory tested to be two hours fire resistant. This single locking safe features a special design burglary resistant handle with a 2M dial lock. Safety features include glass relocking device, hard plate, and a pre-drilled hole to easily bolt the safe to the floor. Upon request, this safe can come with an electronic lock. This is a perfect safe for your home, office, or dorm. The Hollon PM-1814 is a UL listed TL-15 rated safe made of a tough concrete mixture. It has been factory tested to remain fire resistant for up to two hours, and is kept secure with twin 2M combination dial locks. For added security, there is a both a class relocking device as well as a drill resistant hard plate. Easily bolt this 850 lb safe to your floor using the pre-drilled bolting hole. Upon request, we can easily swap out the combination locks for an electronic lock. The Hollon PM-2819 has been factory tested to be fire resistant for up to two hours, and is also a UL listed TL-15 rated safe. The 2M twin dial locks make this safe even more secure, in addition to it’s glass relocker, hard plate, and pre-drilled bolt hole. This safe can easily be converted to an electronic keypad upon request. With it’s battleship gray color, this safe is constructed of a highly secure concrete mixture.