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Sometimes, you need a bit more security, and seek protection from more than just theft. Your weapons and valuables, important papers and even cash can be lost in a flash during a flood or fire. For your most important treasures, choose a Honeywell 30 Minute Fireproof Safe. Offering full-spectrum protection, these safes are recognized time and again for saving an owner from a devastating loss. In the moments following a disaster or fire, you’ll be glad you chose a safe that is guaranteed to protect even when it is submerged in 2 feet of water, or surrounded by flickering flames! Lock and key protection is paired with a rugged and durable exterior to make these portable, waterproof, fire-rated safes the perfect balance of security and affordability. Bells and whistles are nice, but sometimes you want a simple and effective solution to securing your valuables and firearms. For those occasions, a Honeywell 30 Minute Fireproof safe is your perfect value safe. Check out the selections below and expand the thumbnails to see more information about each one.