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Here you’ll find our selection of Honeywell small steel safes, which are a great option for those looking to purchase a basic safe to prevent “sticky fingers” from walking off with your valuables. A great option as a home weapon safe, the electronic keypads on all of our Honeywell small steel safes allows easy access only to authorized entrants. All safes include an external backup as well as a key in order to override the electronic locking mechanism when necessary. Designed for installation to almost any surface, these small steel value safes will bolt in place and serve as a decent protection method for low to medium security needs. Not rated for fire or water resistance, these safes are not recommended for serious security, but will definitely keep prying eyes and fingers out of your things. These safes are recommended only for indoor use, and do not offer. Click on the thumbnails below for more information about each safe, as well as more images of the exterior features and interior shelving.

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Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5101
Our Price: $68.95

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5102
Our Price: $69.95

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5113
Our Price: $123.99

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5112
Our Price: $127.99

Honeywell 2072
Our Price: $139.00

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5901
Our Price: $145.00

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5103
Our Price: $162.95

Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5105
Our Price: $184.00

The Honeywell Small Steel Security Safe 5105 is one of our highly secure safes that are perfect for an office or hotel. Featuring 1.0 of interior cubic feet, this safe will also fit large laptop computers in addition to other items. The safe opens using the easy LED electronic keypad, which comes with an emergency override key. Extra security is provided from the included concealed hinges, live lock bolts, and recessed door. For more information on this 35.5 lb. safe, contact us today!
Honeywell Steel Security Safes 5107
Our Price: $311.99