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At Value Safes Inc., we feature top of the line mutual gun safes. Essential for anyone interested in housing and securing their firearms. Two layers of material rivaling sheet rock in strength and durability, create a five-inch thick door to the safe. This along with the U.L approved heat activated fire-door seal, provide enough protection to fend off fires. The Mutual Gun Safe is lab tested by being placed in an environment of 1,760 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. The seal as well as the safe held up during those rigorous standards, ensuring protection for the contents of the safe.

The Mutual Gun Safe offered through Value Safes Inc., is also designed and equipped with several anti-burglary features. Locking bolts, one inch in diameter are utilized along with four dead bolts facing the hinge side at the safe. One active bolt at the top and several along the closing sides, guaranteeing maximum security against theft. The locks are protected from tampering and punch out attempts by a Manganese hard plate. 60 HRC hardness is strong enough to protect against any intrusions. In addition, there is a spring-loaded relocked feature, and two bolt down holes, which come predrilled at the base of the safe. These accommodate standard 1/2” bolts to keep the safe stabilized and in proper position.

Our mutual gun safe at Value Safes is designed with tan interior and sleek black body. With brass pin striping, as well as a brass lock and handle, the charcoal black semi-gloss finish is beautifully accented and complimented, making your safe aesthetically pleasing as well as secure. The interior of the safe is fully carpeted, along with the shelves, which are strong, adjustable and available in different options to suit your securing needs. The 4-Shelfer interior consists of four full-width shelves designed to accommodate a number of documents and valuables. The custom Gun-Racking interior, allots one full shelf at the top, a removable center divider, and a gun-rack shelf featuring slots, which can hold up to twenty long firearms. There are also three removable side shelves, which come in handy for containing pistols as well as ammunition. If interested, the Gun Racking interior can be easily converted to the All Guns interior, simply by removing the side shelves. This allows you maximum control over the space in your safe and the interior design and housing capability.

At Value Safes, we are experts in storing and the securing off weapons, and realize that purchasing gun safes over the Internet can be a difficult task, Being able to feel and get a sense of the durability and security the safe offers is key. The common “tap technique” of striking an object such as a ring against the safe door, allows one to gauge the strength of the steel, the insulation of the safe, as well as general quality.

At Value Safes, we place quality and strength above all other components of the safe. Steel thickness is key to a lasting, protective safe. Most gun safes are manufactured with a minimum of 10-gauge steel. Anything thinner, including a 12 or 14 inch gauge, will have less of an ability to stand up to an intrusion with a crow bar or some other form of tampering. Even safes secured with the proper thickness of and number of bolts, are still capable of being broken into, as bolts can slip from the doorframe of the safe if being pried open during a break in.

Here at Value Safes we guarantee that our products are created with the standard 10 gauge steel, as well as the other failsafes and security devices listed above. We can personally guarantee that your safe and personal items and valuables, will be safeguarded during any break in. We have been in the business for several years and understand the importance of securing weapons and firearms, and as one of our clients, you can expect the best in terms of quality, durability and strength from our gun safes.