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Safe Instructions

I encourage all of my clients to read the PDFs below. To view one, simply left click on the name you would like instructions for, and then right click the option to “save as.” This will download the entire document – for free!

Due to my many years of experience as a locksmith, many people ask me questions how to bolt down their safe. Follow these simple instructions below, and you will quickly be on your way through this type of installation:

First, I put the safe in the location I want to mount it. I then open the safe door and locate the mounting hole. They are usually found in the center of a fireproof safe, or in the corners in any other type of safe.

Then, I like to use a black marker to mark on the floor where I want the safe to go.

Once that is complete, I take the safe and move it out of the way. For those with carpet, you’ll want to cut a hole around the size of a half dollar in order to get to the floor underneath. Then, go ahead and drill the hole. Be sure to clean up any dust or debris caused by the drilling. If drilling concrete, the hole should be around 3 – 4” deep.

Then, go ahead and move the safe back over the holes and line them up.

Once you’ve got everything in line, go ahead and push the bolt down. It should easily go through the holes in the safe and into the floor underneath where you drilled your hole. If you have any trouble, hit the bolt a few times to ease it into the hole.

Once the hole is all the way down, tighten the nut that will be found on the top of the bolt. It will need to be turned several times. This will ensure that everything is secured.

That’s all you have to do! I would encourage everyone to do this, as it adds a extra security for your fireproof or burglary safe. Not only would a thief have to lift the safe, but now they have to lift the floor’s weight too. If you have any questions about installing your safe, please contact us at 877-629-6214 or send us an email at