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Do I Need a Safe Relocker?

Many years ago now, my wife and I decided to go on vacation in London, England. Of course as tourists, we visited many of the historical attractions, including the Tower of London. “Beefeater” was a royal guard as well as our tour guide, and began our journey near the front wall and gate of the castle. He explained to us that when enemies attacked the castle, people protected themselves by running into the castle and used a large wooden bolt to secure the castle gate. We learned about how workers built the castle walls, their thickness, as well as the positions of the knights during an attack. If the enemy used a battering ram to attempt to get into the castle, the people inside would reinforce the gate by adding blocks, wooden support beams, or even their own body weight to protect the gate.

A relocker does the exact same thing. When a thief is trying to break into your safe, it adds the needed reinforcement to the door. It’s more security to give you better peace of mind, and make you safer. Wouldn’t you like that extra security for your fireproof safe?

Located within the highly secure area of the lock, the relocker is a small bolt that resides inside the safe door. Unlike the regular large bolts, these locking bolts are hidden away from view. If someone attempts to breach the safe using tools like crowbars or drills, the impact of this action will cause the relocker to fire it’s spring-loaded reinforcing bolts. This causes a strong reinforcement, and keeps the door from being opened. Remember that you will have to call an ALOA locksmith to open the safe once the relocker has been fired, as simply entering the combination will no longer work.

Some safes instead use a glass relocker, which has a significant amount more of sensitivity to these types of breach impacts. Normally included in high-end safes, a glass relocker will only work after the owner places the safe where they want it and remove it’s small cotter pin. You should always make sure you save this pin, you can even tape it inside the door for safe keeping. This is necessary for when you want to move the safe, as the pin needs to be reinserted as to not disturb the relocker. All instructions on this process will be included with your safe.

“Time against theft & fire” is one of the things I like to say, both on and in every day life. Why do I do this? When a thief is robbing you, time is not something they have to waste. Taking extra time to bypass a safe with a relocker is not a risk any thief is ready to take, as time is definitely not on their side. Having a relocker is one of the best ways to have an added bit of protection on your safe.

It is also important to note that many safes do not include relockers, models of this nature include residential safes, fireproof home safes, Sentry Safes, home safes, small metal box safes, or any type of other inexpensive safes. If there is a type of safe you are interested in and you aren’t sure if it includes a relocker, never hesitate to call us for better guidance. We are always here to find the best safe that is right for you and your particular needs.

Safes that have a relocker include Fireking safes, high security safes, safes with LaGard electronic keypads, 2 hour fireproof safes, safes with Sargent & Greenleaf locks, office safes, group ll lock safes, and gun safes. Again, if you have questions about any particular models, let us know and we will help you.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for that added bit of security for your fireproof safe, myself and ValueSafes recommend the addition of Safe Relockers. After all, your security is important to us. If you have any questions about Safe Relockers, please contact us at 877-629-6214 or send us an email at