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At Value Safes, we offer a number of different types of safes to suit all needs and purposes. If you have been searching for small depository safes, we have the perfect products to choose from. All of the depository safes we offer are made with solid steel, and they make protecting money, envelopes, and other small documents as simple as possible.

Whether you need a safe for your home, office, or anywhere else, these safes are easy to store and transport as needed. That being said, with their solid steel exterior and state-of-the-art design, no one will be getting into any of these safes who aren’t supposed to. Browse our website to learn more about each of the small depository safes we have for sale.

You can place your order online today and we will ship your depository safe in no time. For more details, contact the team at Value Safes!

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RH-1309K RH-1309C Hollon Drop Box Safe
List Price: $427.70
Our Price: $385.00
Savings: $42.70
List Price: $475.80
Our Price: $450.00
Savings: $25.80
List Price: $699.00
Our Price: $579.00
Savings: $120.00
The Hollon RH-1309K is another one of our highly secure and quality B-rated depository safes. With the drop slot at the top, this safe features a rotary hopper, which will prevent theft through the slot. Inside, the safe contains an adjustable and removable shelf so you can easily sort your valuables. For extra security, easily bolt this safe to your floor by using the four pre-drilled anchor holes. Perfect for your home or office, this safe is constructed from thick solid steel. Top loading depository safe Hollon RH-1309C is a top quality and highly secure drop safe from Value Safes. All your deposits will remain secure in this b-rated safe, as it features a rotary hopper that will prevent theft through the top slot. The safe also features a relocking device as well as a mechanical dial lock. You can easily fasten this safe to the floor using the 4 pre-drilled anchor holes, which will provide even more security.
Hollon RH-2014C Drop Safe
Hollon RH-2014C Safe
List Price: $699.00
Our Price: $623.00
Savings: $76.00